More than Just a Link Shortener - add tracking pixels, geo-targeting, link expiration, passwords, and so much more is the link shortening engine of CampaignTrackly - a UTM link building automation platform that lets marketers scale link tracking execution. Use as a standalone, or to auto-shorten links as you build your tracking URLs.

Why Create Short Links?

Short links rule when it comes to Social Media publishing - they save much needed space and if you customize them with vanity domains and actual calls to action - they can be easily memorized and shared. Creating and managing short links also saves time and resources when it comes to optimizing segmentation and targeting, as well as delivering insights and reporting.

Simplify Execution

Easily track 3rd party links and promotional campaigns. Leverage pixel utilization by automating your end-to-end link prep process.

Visualize Clicks

Out-of-the-box visualization of clicks and referrers across countries and key Social Media platforms.

Reach & increase sales. Ensure Data Accuracy

Gaining the right insights into your customer engagement and attitudinal behavior helps drive optimized user experiences and convert more customers. Combined with our UTM link tracking platform, our link shortener ensures consistency and accuracy of your tracking data to wmpoer marketers to make the right promotional and spend decisions while saving time

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Dynamic UTM Libraries

Bulk Link Processing

Scalable Operations

Effective visualizations

Team access control

All your links in one place

Empowering link management Automated end-to-end governance of your links

Using our tagging platform with the link shortening engine, you will have complete control over your link management governance and process. Find our why you should try us today.

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Advanced Targeting At the Push of a Button

Advanced performance tracking by geo or device

Target your audiences based on their location and device to add more granularity to your insights and ROI.

Password protection and expiration with a click

Protect sensitive pages with password and set up link expiration in seconds using our platform.

Export links in a sharable file

Our link tagging platform enables you to export your tagged campaign together with all the stats from our clicks in a CSV format for easy processing.

Event Tracking on 3rd-party platforms

Add your custom pixel from providers such as Facebook and track events right when they are happening.

Robust API to optimize data sharing

Use our powerful API to push data automatically to your own data lakes and systems.

Tag and short 1, 10, or 100 links in seconds

Transform your link management process from a manual operation into an automated, best-practice execution.

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